Monday, March 28, 2011

Embarking Upon New Adventures!

Spring is upon us! It is so nice to look outside and see the grass becoming greener as the days start to become longer! Spring also seems to symbolize the joys of Nature's re-birth, Nature unfolding her gifts of color to us. Spring also opens up new doors in our lives allowing us to get out and rejuvenate ourselves, move around in the fresh air, and enjoy the sights and sounds of all the biodiversity around us.

(Below is beautiful Erythronium spp. or Trout Lily. Notice some pollinating friends upon this beautiful gem! Just one of the remarkable wildflowers to be seen early Spring at Serpent Mound!)

This Spring has welcomed me with a new position that I am excited about, Museum Aide with the Arc of Appalachia Nature Preserve! Last week I met with Nancy Stranahan- Arc Director, to learn more about their organization and their goals. Later that day I was offered the position! I have had a sincere interest to be a part of their wonderful organization since I learned more about them in 2009. It was during the Fall of that year that I met with Bruce Lombardo, previous Site Manager of Serpent Mound and Fort Hill at that time, to learn more about volunteering at the historic Fort Hill Museum. Mr. Lombardo was very informative and gave me a brief history about the hilltop enclosure, trails and the history behind Fort Hill's beautiful old forest retreat. I was hooked and from then forward I would keep volunteering when I had time available. (Below is an inside look at Fort Hill's museum.)
 (Above is the graceful Eurytides marcellus or Zebra Swallowtail. They were seen in abundance last year at Fort Hill early Spring-April.)

So, starting this Saturday and Sunday, the Serpent Mound Museum will resume its operation and will be open again to the public! Fort Hill Museum will be open as well to the public and they are always in need of wonderful volunteers to help with the operations of keeping Fort Hill open as well as other volunteer duties that may be found at their website: It is here that you will open the door to seeing some of the best outdoor flora and fauna within the State of Ohio. Check out the upcoming events at the different Arc sites, daily operational hours, Appalachia Forest School, and learn more about the Arc's mission of land preservation. Hope to see you soon!


  1. Dora, thank you for swinging by and following. Your pictures are beautiful - great info as well! I look forward to reading your future posts!

  2. Thanks Mike for following! It is great to see so many interested in Nature's bounty! I too look forward to your future posts!