Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Fun!

How the years go by so fast! My daughter's birthday was yesterday, the "Big 3"! My son John decided that her cake was to be decorated with flowers and hearts. He is quite the thoughtful "Big Brother"! The cake is a yummy Starlight Yellow glazed with a sinful, but yummy, vanilla buttercream frosting~ HOMEMADE! It may look a little lop-sided, but it is much more tastier than those store bought cakes and cake mixes! John had fun helping with decorating and of course Hope wanted to dip her little paw into it before the finish!
Little milestones such as children's birthdays, tooth fairy visits and flower gifts from my son John, are special little moments that are gone in a blink-of-an-eye. One must stop and seize that special moment when it is there to grab. I find myself so very busy these days that it seems as though I haven't paused enough from the "Big People" worries to enjoy the antics and comments from "the little people" :0).

Each day I am trying to guide my focus to be more "balanced" and in tune with my little ones. Yes, I homeschool, watch movies with them, and take them for ice cream cones, but I find myself needing to listen more to their little sayings and dreams. This is it, we have nothing but now. Time to enjoy it!
Spring flowers from my son, John. :0)

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